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HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY @jessicafrankenstein!!!!!! I love you soooo much and wish we were celebrating today! It’s amazing how much we have been through over the last few years and I’m so happy to have you! Love you woman!!!!



"Consensual sex" is just sex. To say that implies that there is such a thing as "non consensual sex", which there isn’t. That’s rape. That is what it needs to be called. There is only sex or rape. Do not teach people that rape is just another type of sex. They are two very separate events. You wouldn’t say "breathing swimming" and "non breathing swimming", you say swimming and drowning.

This is a very good point.

So this morning I learned a very valuable lesson about the appliances in my house… There is something wrong with my dryer and it doesn’t stop when you open the door. Well due to the fact that I listen to music a little too loud and I was distracted my other things in my morning rush, I didn’t hear that it was still running when I reach my hand into grab my shirt… Welp off the lift heavy things at work! Yay #yesthatsahugebruise #itsgettingworse #somuchpain #timetobeabigtoughgirl

Being the @jennatoney is THE BEST she let me borrow her computer so I could get some work done. Well on the new Windows 8 the photo tan randomly shows a new picture that’s in your files every time you turn it on! Well when I turned it on tonight I found this amazing picture of my baby boy and though it broke my heart it also made my night!!! I miss you so much Atticus!! ❤️ #bullmastiff

I know for a fact that I do not say it enough, but these two mean the absolute world to me!!! Though we are by no means a typical family, no one could possibly be closer! I would do anything for either of then and love them to the moon and back! I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for my younger siblings always being there for me! And no, we cannot take a serious picture!! It’s not how we roll! #randomlovepost #needasiblingsdaysoon #throwback @brittiself @corey_self

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